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Symantec support of 3rd party manufacturer products. The following table compares some key backup options available in backupassist and backup exec. On june 2nd, symantec released backup exec 2014, the latest version of its backup and recovery software. The builtin backup software in windows cannot read backupexec tapes so you dont have a whole lot of choice in the matter. Im not familiar with backup exec 2014, as i havent migrated any of my clients yet. I installed backup exec 2014 to my main ad, and do the full backup. Delegates also learn how to configure and work with various backup exec. Hklm\ software \symantec\ backup exec for windows\ backup exec \user interface. The 2014 edition of symantec 2014 backup exec finally gets windows server 2012. Symantec backup exec 2014 agent for linux per server. Netbackup and backup exec are both products which were introduced around 1990, and that both played a role in the evolution of backup system architecture netbackup introduced the twotier backup architecture, and the threetier backup architecture. Now im planning to reinstall the operating system of my main ad because of some os files corruption and after the os clean install i will install back the backup exec software to be able to restore the datas. Can i restore backupexec tape backup without installing.

Introducing backup exec 2014 whats new in backup exec 2014 agents and options table 11 whats new in backup exec 2014 continued item description details pane on the backup and restore tab the new details pane is located on the lower portion of the backup and restore tab, under the list of servers. Backup exec 2014 hardware encryption and compressi. Testing your setup by using veritas backup exec aws. I am trying to find a way, how to extract data from restored shadow copy components tape in backup exec 2014. The following guidelines regarding this software compatibility list scl should be understood. Migrate backupexec to new server solutions experts exchange. If the files selected for backup reside on more than one volume, by default backup exec. Select a destination folder to install backup exec. Then go to device manager and check properties of the tape drive, there should show symantec corporation in. Backupassist v8 user interface backup exec 2014 user interface. Featuring improved performance, increased visibility, simplified management, and support for the latest operating systems and applications backup exec 2014 is. Go to tools configure device configure tape device install the tape drivers and follow the steps accordingly.

How to turn on or off job verification in backup exec 2014. Symantec released backup exec 2014 last month, building on backup exec 2012s advances in backup technology. As i understand everything will be backup including all applications and files. Does anyone have any suggestions on where i can begin to look for help to configure a data domain dd2200 with the latest version of backup exec 2014. Locate and click on the entitlement id link from the list. Backup exec 2014 how do i backup remote shared folder. We use backup to disk to a second drive on the server and point it to folders. Administration course is designed for the data protection professional tasked with backing up and restoring critical data. Hi justin, please take a look at the symantec backup exec 2014 blueprint for simplified disaster recovery sdr. How to backup vcenter server appliance with backup exec 2014. Ensure that the symantec backup exec drivers are installed on the tape drive. It can be changed if required by clicking on the change button.

I have setup one month task to create month tapes in case of any. Im currently waiting on symantec for assistance but was wondering if anyone out in spiceland could help me quicker. This fiveday, virtual academy, handson class covers how to back up and restore data, configure storage devices, manage. Backup exec 20 software compatibility list scl updated on may 31, 2018. Symantec backup exec snapshot error solutions experts. Windows server 2003 r2 sp2 appreciate eol running backup exec 2014.

Act as part of the operating system windows 2000 only backup files and directories. Since you didnt mention in your op that this was a migration of backup exec versions as well as os versions, i advise closing this question and then reposting with that info as part. Hi, we have backup exec 2010 installed on our production server here. Backup destination support is also an important consideration. The procedure for using these versions of backup exec with a tape gateway is the same. Symantec backup exec 2014 is windows software that backs up data stored on windows, linux or apple servers. Scalable, robust backup technology beneath a user interface that simplifies backup and recovery. Selecthighlight one or more servers and select backup backup exec 2014. We are looking to replace this unit once we have commissioned the new one. This fiveday, virtual academy, handson class covers how to back up and restore data, configure storage devices, manage media, and maintain the backup exec database. Backup exec2014 scl backup exec server operating system compatibility windows operating system compatibility notes. But in a nod to users, the newest version also reinstated some key, longstanding features that were absent, and sorely missed, from backup exec 2012. Backup exec 2014, 15 and 16 agents are backwards compatible with backup exec 20 servers for the purpose of upgrades only. With the choice of upfront perpetual or subscription licensing, backup exec is available in three editions to best fit your needs.

Use our backup exec reporting and documentation tool xia configuration to automatically document your backup exec servers. Redirector software and tape drives offline in backup exec. Redirector software and tape drives offline in backup exec by sashton. We are using symantec backup exec 2014 on windows server standard 2008 32bit with lto 3 400800 gb backup tapes with a dell powervault lto4eh1 tape drive we looked up the specs on this drive and it supports compression. Backup exec 2014 tapes ejecting before job is finished posted in backup, imaging, and disk management software. Backup exec 2010 r3, 2012 and 2014 agents are backwards compatible with backup exec 16 servers for the purpose of upgrades only. Wondering if there is an official symantec position on using hardware encryption and hardware compression on backups to tape provided the drive does the encryption supported by be. For this reason, backupassist supports an extensive range of backup destinations using three different backup. I added the dd2200 to my product list and then it said there were no ava. Backup exec2014 scl introduction this document lists the available operating systems, platforms, and applications specifically supported by symantec to be compatible with backup exec 2014. The new software brings back features that customers liked in earlier versions and were not part of backup exec 2012. A distributed catalog provides increased performance, default centralized restore capability, and. When i had installed backup exec 2014 on our test server, i found that the backup to disk wizard did not allow pointing to specific folders, but only.

We are running backup exec 2014 on a server 2008 r2 std server. I am having trouble finding documentation on emcs and symatecs website. Featuring improved performance, increased visibility, simplified management, and support for the latest operating systems and applications backup exec 2014 is the faster, stronger backup solution. I plan just to a full backup of the physical machines. Track users it needs, easily, and with only the features you need. See the veritas support website for detailed information about how to use backup exec, including how to create secure backups with backup exec, software and hardware compatibility lists, and administrator guides for backup exec. Author, teacher, and talk show host robert mcmillen shows you how to turn on or off job verification in backup exec 2014. How to convert pdf to word without software duration. The veritas download center product download page provides access to release information, to the installation files, and to the software updates for backup exec 14.

The vendor also added support for the latest microsoft applications. With backup exec 2014, symantec returned its popular job monitor feature, which showed customers all their backup jobs and job history for all servers in one pane. Ive seen stuff warning about hardware compression and software encryption, and i. Name version service pack cpu architecture windows server 2003 r2. Find answers to backup exec 2014 how do i backup remote shared folder from the expert community at experts exchange backup exec 2014 how do i backup remote shared folder solutions. Backup set details are not displayed if the managed backup exec server that created this backup set is not available, but the whole volume can be restored from the central administration server. Backup exec 2014 and microsoft sharepoint backup exec 2014 and the agent for applications and databases include features and capabilities designed specifically to protect sharepoint environments and solve each of the problems listed above.

While the solution worked for the first couple of weeks, the duplicate backup jobs to tape now fail. Provides highperformance protection for remote 32bit and 64bit linux servers with support for both intel and amd 32bit and 64bit processors. Older versions of backup exec those prior to backup exec 2010 r3 must be uninstalled before installing backup exec 16. Every effort should be made to get all backup exec components to the same version as soon as possible. Backup exec 2014 scl 20161114 backup exec 2014 software compatibility list scl updated on november 14, 2016. This configuration is not recommended or supported for extended periods. The value name is actually show hidden media with spaces, like all the rest of them. Backup exec gives you simple, complete backup and recovery protection for your businessto cover all data wherever it resides. Tape redirector and backup exec issue starwind software. Individually managing each backup client was fine for the early days of slow networks and small numbers of protected. If my licenses for application and database is lacking, will be 2014 prevent me from running backups eventhough i have licenses for agent for windows on that server. Backup exec 2014 delivers powerful, flexible, and easytouse backup and recovery to protect your entire infrastructure whether built upon virtual, physical, or a combination of both. Protecting microsoft sharepoint with backup exec 2014. Symantec backup exec has long been considered a rock in the midmarket backup recovery market, and after a couple of troubled years under the helm of backup exec 2012, released in march 2012, symantec has unveiled backup exec 2014 to resolidify that position.

Backup exec running extremely slow to lto4 ultrium tape. Every effort should be made to get all backup exec components to. Alternatively, for customers who are using backup exec 12. Backup exec 2014 small business edition and backup exec quickstart edition are compatible with all supported windows operating systems that are listed in the. Apologies for my lack of knowledge with backup exec but i dont seem to be getting very far when trying to obtain information on how to implement this correctly from our tape vendor. I wouldnt want to try to advise you on any issues regarding that migration. Software symantec backup exec 2014 agent for linux per server bundle bus pack 229462 download torrent. Agentlevel by installing the remote agent on the vm and backing up the files. The changes come on the heels of an extensive beta test conducted earlier this year, and demonstrate that symantec takes. Backup exec 2014 tapes ejecting before job is finished. Symantecs backup exec 2014 be2014 aims to remedy the shortcomings of its infamous predecessor. This fiveday, instructorled, handson class covers how to back up and restore data, configure storage devices, manage media, and maintain the backup exec.

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